Focus is Shifting Toward Students

After a thirty-two year career in public education in Fresno County, I am finding the Interim Superintendent of Parlier Unified School District (PUSD) role both challenging and very rewarding. PUSD is a District of much cultural richness with a community that takes great interest in Parlier’s success. PUSD has many programs that are unique, and in many cases more well developed than those of other districts. It also has many opportunities for growth.

The District’s Board of Trustees is focused and demonstrating their commitment to students and staff by modeling what it means to be continuous learners and role models for our students. The Board has spent much time as a group developing their governance protocol, and vision, mission, and goals for the future of Parlier USD. While still in developmental stages, the vision for Parlier is becoming student centric, with attention to systems and staff development to ensure our community’s students have the best choices for their educational pathways.

Three particular areas of focus are emerging:

A focus on providing the maximum number of Student Opportunities academically, social emotionally, and in co-curricular activities. The belief is in the vital role that student engagement plays in a successful, enriching K-12 grade experience, and to provide pathways to address every student’s future, including college, career and community contributions.
A focus on Aligning academic systems, business and support operations, to ensure timely and efficient delivery of the tools students and staff need to optimize instructional time and experiences.
A focus on Recruitment, Retention, and Development of Employees with a heart for students and service to the Parlier community. It is important that Parlier USD staff recognizes their collective role in serving our students and parents needs, in self improvement, and the value of staying and growing themselves and their students for the enhancement of the Parlier community.
Parlier USD has embarked on a courageous journey to become a district others aspire to become, a place where families and students want to come, and a place that embraces the richness of culture that is Parlier.

It is my pleasure to serve in this interim role, and I am committed to moving the district to realize their goals.

Mike Berg